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OTTO Automatic Grinder & Cone Filler

Meet the original “OG” OTTO, the world’s first and only Automatic Milling Machine. Banana Bros engineered and designed the OTTO with the true connoisseur in mind. The patented artificial intelligence-enabled milling system analyzes your material and automatically adjusts the direction, speed, and pressure of its precision-engineered milling blades to create the perfect grind every time. Regular grinders compress and shred your material. OTTO mills your material in its expandable chamber, cutting it one layer at a time, to preserve the quality and structure. Once milled to perfection, OTTO ensures the material passes neatly and evenly into the cone with full retention of leaf, oil and kief, delivering a superior consumption experience. The OG OTTO is joined in the lineup by flashy versions in metallic red, blue, purple, and gold. Each OTTO comes with a free Cone Starter Pack, Quick Start Guide, and Accessory Box including Measuring Cup, Adapter Base, Fresh Seal Tube, 4-in-1 Tool, Snap Cap, Micro Micros USB Charging Cord, and Shorty Adapter Base.

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