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OTTO by Banana Bros

OTTO™ by Banana Bros

Love a good pre-roll but too lazy to put in the effort? Banana Bros. feels your pain, or, at least, support your avoidance of it. Or, at least, they support your avoidance of the minimal amount of effort that rolling a fattie requires and the pain that could, but most likely won’t result from said effort. You get the idea.

Don’t let the snide tone of the first paragraph get you down. It’s OK to embrace your inner-sloth. Your laziness is what drives technology. Without that consumer psychographic baked into the market, Banana Bros. would never have thought to come up with the OTTOTM, the new gadget they bill as “the world’s first automatic smart rolling machine.” It’s an odor-proof, all-in-one tool, that uses patented “smart grinding” technology to perfectly grind your favorite herbs and automatically fill up to 30 cones on one charge. It’s sleek, ergonomic, and so simple to use, it’s virtually idiot-proof. So kick back, enjoy the new gizmo, and never let the haters get you down for being lazy. Without you, we wouldn’t have the OTTOTM, or for that matter self-driving cars—or even those automatically flushing urinals.

Well done, dear public, and well done, Banana Bros.

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