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Canna Aid

PenSimple Grinder

If you’ve ever found yourself on the floor, digging the last of your stash from the carpet after kicking over your grinder, this gizmo was made for you. Reason being, that’s exactly what inspired its creation in the first place. On a cold and frustrating night back in 2014, a particularly crafty fella had just experienced this gut-wrenching scenario for the umpteenth time. So, he did what any rational smoker would do: he went to the public library and used their 3-D printer to churn out a solution.

The result was the PenSimple, the herb mincing, self-dispensing wonder of a storage unit that’s been generating an unprecedented amount of hype on social media since making a splash on a year ago. The modular design makes it easy to clean, while the fool proof loading system means you’ll never smoke cat hair again. To the countless retailers patiently following their Instagram, say a prayer of thanks to the ganja gods, for the wait is finally over. The PenSimple is now available for bulk orders. Each unit holds 1.2 grams when fully assembled and comes with a loading funnel, micro USB charger, and quality poker for all your bowl-packing needs.

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