Perpetual Heat Thermal Technology Fires Hanu Labs Vape


Hanu Labs, a minority-owned company making cannabis vaporizers, has kicked off pre-sale orders for the new EVO Petra.


The EVO Petra is a bold dual-functioning desktop vaporizer leveraging patented Perpetual Heat Thermal Technology that eliminates combustion while efficiently extracting the aromatic healing properties, effective ingredients and flavor molecules from cannabis flower or concentrates. In addition to optimizing the flavor of every inhale through the Hanu Labs HydraTubes all-glass airpath, the EVO Petra was built to last. From now until official launch on December 15th, consumers can pre-order the EVO Petra at a discounted price.


“As a chef, I’ve been trained to understand how heating methods impact flavors of foods. The proper execution relies heavily on maintaining a precise temperature and method. The process for consuming cannabis isn’t much different, it can completely change the taste and overall experience. When compared to some of the new-age cooking methods on the market, the EVO Petra is the Sous Vide of cannabis vaporizers,” said Ricardo Willis, CEO of Hanu Labs.


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