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Canna Aid

Piranha Grinders

The best smoking experience starts with the best bud. But without a high quality grinder to evenly break up the herb so that it can then be easily packed into a joint, cone or bowl, even top shelf cannabis is a dud. Enter Piranha, durable smoking accessories made of high-quality anodized aluminum, so the sharp teeth won’t wear down or break. Strong magnets ensure the grinder stays together if dropped. Available in two, three and four-piece models in 13 different colors, Piranha grinders are the go-to choice for affordability, functionality, and variety. The four-piece grinder features a screened compartment at the bottom which allows kief to be caught, and an included pollen pick empowers users to scrape every last precious potent particle into the container for safe keeping. The Piranha three-piece is for those with an appreciation for getting more from less. The omission of the screen chamber allows for quick access to the goods, a more efficient grind, and makes for easy maintenance.

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