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Canna Aid

Pop goes the Retailer

There’s a vacant storefront downtown that you’ve thought would make a great location for opening a second shop. Then you went home and sulked about the expense and trouble that goes with expansion. 

WAIT. What if you just POPPED IN and set up shop? 

Pop Up Shops, also known as temporary or flash retail, offer retailers the opportunity to reach new customers, boost brand awareness and most importantly make a few more bucks. Being short term spots, pop up shops come with limited commitment and minimum costs. In a way, it’s an all win situation for everyone who pops in. 

Simple Startup.
For retail stores that want to gain exposure while minimizing its overhead costs, pop-ups offer the advantage of premium space at a fraction of the normal cost. Malls are increasingly setting aside more real estate for temporary kiosks, and also may be willing to rent of empty storefronts while they wait for longterm tenants to move in. This is especially powerful for new businesses that don’t yet have the funds to lease a more traditional retail space longterm.

Short-term Commitment.
Popup shops allow for a more selective approach to selling and marketing. Instead of being locked into a long-term rental agreement, you’re only committed for a fixed period of time, which means you can target your opening to when traffic and sales are expected to be high, like during the holidays, and then close down during the slower months. 

Generate Buzz.
Pop up shops are like Instagram Stories—- impactful posts, highlighted at the top of news feeds that disappear after 24 hours. Major brands use IG Stories as marketing tools to draw attention to product launches and events. Pop-ups work the same way for retail. People are interested in the sudden existence of a store, especially if it looks unique and inviting and showcases cool new products. Don’t waste the chance to guide those popup shoppers to your main store — a good way is to offer a coupon that can be used during their visit.

Encourage Spontaneous Purchases.
A popup shop’s temporary nature creates a sense of urgency among shoppers to buy now. Unlike traditional retail establishments, the popup itself is presented as a “limited-edition” item that people must take advantage of in the moment or regret their inaction later.

Reach New Customers
The majority of people who come into your smoke shop are there to get their smoke on. But there’s a lot more in your store than just glass pipes, vapes, and rolling papers. Why not take your backpacks, T-shirts, posters, tapestries, candles, incense, and other less controversial merchandise, to sell in your popup. Maybe that location you’ve been eyeing won’t allow a smoke shop to move in — we’ll here’s your chance to woo some new customers who never would have had the nerve to be seen in a smoke shop and thus never knew what other cool things you have in store for them.

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