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Canna Aid

POSShield Provides an Added Layer of Protection Amidst Covid Concerns 

Sixty-two percent of shoppers would stop shopping at a retailer that is not taking health and safety seriously, according to the Consumer Health & Safety Index, an ongoing health and safety benchmarking study that evaluates how retailers are operating amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  


The study found that, when deciding to return to stores, American consumers consider certain health and safety practices more critical than others. These include the consistent use of company-issued face coverings and sanitary gloves, managing the number of customers entering stores, and employees visibly wiping down high-traffic areas. 


Social distancing remains one of the best protections retailers can provide for both employees and customers. But shoppers can’t exactly stand six-feet from the check out counter — a clear plexiglass divider serves as an effective barrier. While these partitans are not required by most state and city regulations, but they are recommended. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that every business should “place a barrier between employees and customers.” 


One solution is the POSShield, from Star Micronics ( Measuring 30” wide and 33” tall, the protective plexiglass partition is placed in between the cashier and the customer, and is an ideal size for small businesses with limited counterspace. Each shield protects one cashier. Additional shields may be purchased to accommodate multiple cashiers. Designed for today’s businesses, the POSShield is adaptable and compatible with any existing POS or mPOS terminal. 


The POSShield features a sturdy base plate with no countertop mounting or drilling required, making it easy to install and relocate. With a focus on mobility and reusability, the POSShield can be easily reinstalled for future use cases including flu seasons, changes in store setup, and more. The gap in between the sneeze guard and the countertop enables the safe passing and scanning of products and can be adjusted to fit a cashier’s needs. Payment pin pad terminals can be mounted to the pole if needed, and supplies are included to mount the shield to the countertop, if desired. 


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