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Canna Aid

Puff Palz Pet Toys

People say dogs reflect their owners, so if you’re reading this that means your buddy loves to be a part of your sesh. That’s the idea behind Puff Palz, a new line of 420-themed pet toys that debuted recently to much excitement at SuperZoo, the pet industry’s premier marketplace and trade show. Made from 100% non-toxic all-natural rubber, Puff Palz are designed for dogs that like to chew and tug. Made to resemble man’s favorite smoking devices, Puff Palz are available in a variety of shapes and colors with multiple textures to satisfy a dog’s chewing instincts. Raised nubs massage gums and keep chompers clean, treat holders and squeakers boost mental stimulation, and rope handles make for an interactive game of tug of war. And don’t worry about dog slobber –- Puff Palz are dishwasher safe. Puff Palz is your chance to share some fun times with your best bud who has energy to burn.

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Canna Aid

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