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Puffco: A Decade of Innovation and the Future of Cannabis Technology

In the dynamic realm of cannabis technology, Puffco has emerged as a trailblazer. With a legacy of revolutionizing cannabis consumption over the past ten years, this esteemed company is now embarking on its next chapter. Introducing the all-new Peak Pro, a meticulously redesigned and technologically advanced flagship product.

Since its establishment in 2013, Puffco has successfully distributed nearly two million devices, reaching 30 countries worldwide. This exceptional journey of innovation and disruption has propelled Puffco to the forefront of the cannabis industry.

At the core of Puffco’s success is CEO and founder, Roger Volodarsky, whose unwavering mission has driven the company since its inception. “Our vision has always been to make concentrates accessible to all by crafting safe, top-notch devices that deliver an unparalleled experience,” Volodarsky asserts. “It’s truly remarkable to witness this vision resonating with individuals worldwide.”

Puffco’s dedicated team, comprising over 100 talented professionals, consistently pushes the boundaries of product development. The result is an enticing lineup of devices that seamlessly blend aesthetics, functionality, and sophistication. From the Proxy vaporizer pipe to the portable concentrate pen, Plus, the discreet Cupsy bubbler, and the iconic Puffco Peak Pro, each product seeks to demystify and destigmatize concentrates while celebrating the diverse splendor of the cannabis plant.

The newly unveiled Peak Pro exemplifies Puffco’s relentless pursuit of innovation. Featuring Puffco’s patented 3D Chamber, users can anticipate richer vapor, faster heat-up times, and extended battery life. Notable enhancements include the Joystick Cap and improved perc slots in the glass, which work harmoniously to augment vapor production. Exciting updates to the Puffco Connect app, such as Advanced Metrics and Vapor Control features, enable users to customize their experience by regulating vapor volume.

User customization served as a driving force behind the development of the original Peak Pro. Volodarsky elaborates, “Our aim was to introduce a higher level of personalization, allowing users to fine-tune temperature settings and tailor their experience accordingly. Considering the advancements in hash, such as Piattella, and the evolving landscape of technology, we decided to elevate our flagship device, continuing to innovate and redefine hash consumption.”

As of June 6, the new Peak Pro, priced at $420, became available to Puffco SMS subscribers, with general availability commencing on June 8. Backed by a two-year warranty, the device comes in two timeless colors: Pearl and Onyx. Puffco’s journey transcends mere product revolution; it revolves around enabling accessible and enjoyable concentrate experiences. As the company celebrates a decade of groundbreaking innovation, it stands poised to shape the cannabis industry for another transformative decade.

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