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Canna Aid

Puffco Peak

“Not to tote a brand, but if you look at the Puffco Peak, it’s a great example of an original new product that’s come out. The demand’s so high, you practically can’t even get it.” –Chris Ruhlin, Herbal Tea and Tobacco

When an esteemed shop owner talks products, we listen, which is why we’ve opted to include the Puffco Peak in this month’s selection of Q4B offerings. Thanks for the head’s up, Chris.

With it’s four, precision-dialed settings and unique smartware that maintains perfectly consistent temperature, the Puffco Peak is yet another massive leap forward in smart dabbing technology. It’s an instant pleaser, a hybrid of hand-blown glass and cutting-edge electronics, with a 20-second heating time and a battery that boasts 30 dabs per charge. The haptic feedback keeps you locked into the device’s performance almost intuitively for continually tasty hits, while the LED, color-coded light band keeps you visually cued into settings and battery life.

The Puffco Peak is incredibly efficient, easy to use and provides glorious results. Taste. Every. Terpene. Each unit comes with cleaning swabs, a carrying case, loading tool, micro USB “super-charger,” carb cap, and extra ceramic bowl.
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