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Canna Aid

Pulsar 510 Dunk 2-In-1 Variable Voltage Vaporizer

Nothing is more satisfying than dunking cookies into milk, donuts into coffee or fries into special sauce. The Pulsar 510 Dunk offers the same gratification by providing flexibility to your concentrate consumption with three different ways to use this versatile vaporizer. Dip it, hit it, or rip it: the choice is yours! Dunk Mode provides two coil options and a glass air path for full flavored vapes and thick, luscious clouds. Cart Mode enables the Pulsar 510 Dunk to be compatible with most 510 carts, making for an effortless vaping experience at the touch of a button. If you prefer water filtration, the 510 Dunk has a bonus H2O function! This kit includes a whip-like silicone attachment, allowing the device to be attached to a bong or rig. Using it with your favorite glass piece combines easy temperature control with all the refinement of water filtration, making for amazing rips every time. Now that’s what we call a slam dunk!

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