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Pulsar 510 Payout™ Variable Voltage Battery

The Pulsar 510 Payout™ Variable Voltage Vape Battery is the perfect solution for customers with big vaping needs in a small package. Measuring just 2 inches tall, these batteries are travel-friendly and can easily fit in pockets, purses, or backpacks. Additionally, the Payout features a lanyard hole for added security and convenience. The battery has universal 510 threading and works with most standard-sized vape cartridges, offering both variable voltage for those who prefer huge clouds and full flavor profiles. You can charge up quickly with the USB Type-C charge port and be ready to go in no time. Additional features include a 15-second pre-heat function at 1.8V, promoting optimal performance during every vaping session, and a 12-minute auto shut-off feature that promotes safety and battery conservation. The Payout also comes with a 6-month end-user warranty, ensuring that you can trust the quality and durability of this device. Sold as a 25-piece display, the Payout is the perfect choice for discrete and reliable vaping on the go. The Payout provides discretion when you need it, making it a great option for customers who value privacy. Each display comes with 25 pieces.

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