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As legend has it, the first scientific bubbler was crafted in the garage of Chad Zindroski back in 2003. According to the official narrative, Chad had grown weary of creating more of what was already in full supply. On a quest for his own niche, he opted to trade in the wigwags and benderbacks for a stylish simplicity that found its appeal in functionality and affordability. As a result, the now ubiquitous Pürr Glass was born, the name itself drawn from a reference to the perforations he made in the downstem of the bubbler, with the umlaut thrown on top to salute the famous German engineering from which he had drawn his inspiration.

Now, Chad and company have taken their idea of a pipe for the everyman to a new level with the Pürr2Go, a polycarbonate version of his original design that’s collapsible, highly portable and virtually unbreakable. Each unit comes complete with a full pipe assembly, glass bowl and downstem, dab rig and a fabric carrying case for safe and easy transport. All of this, combined with professionally branded packaging and a solid price point, make the Pürr2Go a solid buy for any store where value is king and function is in fashion.

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