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Put Your Business on the Google Map

Put Your Business on the Google Map

Google announced that until the end of September advertisers who utilize Google My Business will not need to pay for promoted pins, calls, clicks, or give up portions of any sales resulting from the ads. The tech giant recently introduced the promoted pins function allowing businesses to be highlighted in Maps depending on a specific offering, service, while detailing whether they provide things like delivery, curbside pickup, etc. 

The Google My Business service itself is free and extremely important for small businesses to get attention on the Google search engine and take advantage of promoting their business on Maps. One of the main reasons you need to make your business visible is that when searching for a local business, consumes first want to know which ones are closest to their location. While a quick Google search is certainly effective for narrowing the down the options—especially those on a smartphone—most use Google Maps.

Whether searching for local dispensaries or a popular spot to get some sushi, Google Maps will quickly populate with dozens of red markers, each indicating a business that meets your search criteria. If your business automatically shows up on Google Maps, why do you need to register for GMB? Simple. Maps alone won’t give your customers any detailed information about your organization. So, a person can find your location on the map, but they won’t be able to see things like contact information, business hours, or reviews of your business.

By simply creating a GMB listing and completing the verification steps, your store location will start to pop up for local searches as well. This is a great benefit that allows users to instantly see how close you are to their location, increasing the likelihood that they’ll pay you a visit.

Let’s get started.

Sign in to your Gmail Account

Before small business can reach any business listing, it is necessary to create a Gmail account. This account will be used for Google My Business later on. This is the first necessary step you need to follow in order to register a business to Google Maps.

Open Google My Business page

Next thing you have to do is reach the site. You can do this if you go to Once there you have to enter business address and name. Now you can check maps in Google to see if such organization exists. Have in mind there might be a company with same name as yours. Just in case, check its phone number and location to see if this is your organization.

Register your business

If you managed to find your organization, click on it. If your organization is not listed make sure to add it. There will be various categories to choose from after which you can add contact data.

Data verification

After you’ve entered all the information click on button Continue. By doing so, you are also accepting Google’s Terms and Conditions. This will send a message to Google that you’re a legal owner of an organization. Now you have two options: Call me now or Verify by mail. Once you get in touch with Google they will provide you with a six digit code that needs to be entered for verification purposes.

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