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Quick Kick Kratom

omeday in the near future, we will cease the messy and archaic habit of ingesting solids and fluids altogether, and all of your daily requirements will come packaged in a single vape cartridge–or at least, that’s what the machine elves told me. But since scientists are still a bit busy launching billionaires into space, that day will have to wait. In the meantime, you can at least switch up your kratom regimen from powders, capsules and liquids to the Quick Kick Kratom vaping system from our pals at Sig Distro. Not only will you be pioneering the ways of the future, you will be able to take advantage of the far more precise delivery system this product has to offer. Where ingestion makes it easy to go above or below your desired intake level, vaping allows a more nuanced dosage that acts fast, so you can get your increments just right without any fuss. The mesh coil filter system utilizes auto draw and comes in five delicious flavors (Red Berry Love, Blue Razz Ice, Mint Ice, Tropical Fruit, Pure Kratom) at 2ml/2gr per unit. Whether you are mitigating discomfort or tickling your brain, you will love the precision and simplicity of Sig Distro’s Quick Kick Kratom vaping system.

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