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Canna Aid

The ReMEDi M2 from Pulsar

Can’t get enough of the thick-oil cartridge and battery systems? Not surprising. From coast to coast, it’s the one item that’s all-but-impossible to keep on the shelves. The demand couldn’t be more clear.

Pulsar has listened to the market. They’ve heard the cry, and once again, they’ve answered in a big way. Well, big in a figurative way, at least. If you want to get literal, it’s actually pretty small; 2.5”, to be exact.

We’re talking, of course, about the ReMEDi M2, the latest and greatest variable voltage, micro 510-threaded battery from the company that brought you the Flow, the EZ and the APX. The battery features the now-ultra popular drop-in function for a warmer cartridge, with a classic screw-in feature, meaning your session will never be cut short by a loose magnet. Featured specs include a 450mAh capacity, a 12-second pre-heat function, three settings (3.0v, 3.7v, and 4.2v) and a six-month end user warranty. A cartridge isn’t included with the price, but the price is right for the value, allowing you the opportunity to upsell with a pre-fill (The battery can house any cartridge up to 10mm.) And as always, Pulsar has maximized the options, with a whopping eight colors to choose from.


Canna Aid

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