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Canna Aid

Ritual Smoke Sacred Steamrollers

Make a Steamroller Part of Your Ritual (Smoke)

Get ready to get knocked flat by High Society’s Ritual Sacred Streamrollers, where each session is a sacred experience —from selecting your herb, grinding it, and packing it, to the moment you exhale. With incredibly simple functionality, a steamroller pipe can deliver some seriously heavy hits. Basic doesn’t have to be boring.

These beauties are etched and electroplated, offering both visual appeal and exceptional performance that easily outclasses the traditional spoon.

Measuring 4.5 inches and crafted from top-tier borosilicate glass, the Ritual Sacred Streamrollers promise bit hits and even bigger clouds. It’s all about the love, the vibes, and a wholehearted commitment to customer satisfaction. Illuminate your smoke shop with these extraordinary Sacred Streamrollers in iridescent hues of blue, gold, and Miami Pink with a 6-piece Pop display sure to catch the attention of your most discriminating customers and glassware collectors.

Canna Aid

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