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Rock Legends Jimi Series by Famous Brandz

The peeps at Famous Brandz are at it again, and with their latest release, they might want to change their name to Legendary. That’s because they’re putting out an entire line of cannabis accessories dedicated to the man once revered as the greatest musician in the world. Jimi was far more than just a musician, though. He was a pioneer of the incendiary squeals and wailing moans that still define rock and roll today, a man who wore his heart not on his sleeve but draped around his neck to croon with the inner yearnings that mere words failed to express.  

It’s only right that this counter-cultural demigod should have his likeness adorning the vessels that aid in our own spiritual and recreational journeys. And what a collection it is; water pipes, bubblers, grinders, spoons, rolling trays, even dugouts, all arrayed in imagery of the man who showed us what a guitar was meant to do and made with a level of quality befitting his likeness. Check them out now at

1.888.908.FAME (3263)