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Canna Aid

Rök by Pulsar

A wise man once said that genius is one percent inspiration and 99% perspiration. Considering that wise man also invented the lightbulb—the literal symbol representing a good idea, we prefer to take his word as gospel when it comes to innovation.

At Pulsar, that one percent is split straight down the middle between their vision and your demands; ears to the ground, eyes to the heavens, as it were. Well, you’ve spoken again, and rest assured, they heard. They heard you when you demanded something hitherto unseen, something that would deftly counterbalance the nostalgia of classic aesthetics with the precision of futuristic technology; the attitude of Deadmau5 with the swagger of Freddy Mercury.

They heard, alright—and then they answered in a massive way with one word: Rök. “Prepare to be a Rök star!” the accompanying slogan goes, and with good reason.

This sleekly designed, electronic waterpipe is being haled as the next level of sophistication in vaporization, sure to take its user on a silky-smooth ride, straight to the top.

Prepare yourself. And then prepare yourself some more. This Rök is going to make a huge splash. Be sure you’re riding the wave.


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