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RollBotz Cone Filler 


Wakit revolutionized grinders with a unique spinning ball and chain to separate stems from botanical herb while grinding and providing a fluffy texture every time. Now they are utilizing that same technology in the newly launched RollBotz Cone Filler which gives perfect grinds and instantly fills a cone with a touch of a button. The patented technology of the ball and chain is connected to a drone motor that provides the torque needed for the ball and chain to create a circular vortex trimming your cannabis or herb of choice. As the herb reaches the desired consistency it passes through a filter and fills the cone meaning that you get a smooth smoking experience every time. A perfectly packed cone is ready within 3-5 seconds from beginning to end. Just as the Wakit Grinder offers a convenient and uncomplicated way to prep dry herb, particularly for those with dexterity issues, the RollBotz Cone Filler adds all-in-one ease to creating impeccable smokes. No fuss, no mess, no wasting valuable flower — just tap, fill, and enjoy.


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