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Canna Aid

Santa Cruz Hemp Grinder

Grind your cannabis with cannabis.

Wait, what? But you can’t . . . that’s not . . . YOU’RE GONNA GET SOMEONE IN TROUBLE!

Actually, no, we’re not. Remember, cannabis is a genus that includes both hemp and the still-criminalized “marihuana.” And thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp, AKA, cannabis with a THC content below .3% is now 100% federally legal, which means we can say, “grind your cannabis with cannabis,” without fear of repercussions. It feels good, doesn’t it?

Yeah, but the statement doesn’t even make sense.

Actually, yes, it does. Hemp is one hell of a versatile crop, useful for far more than just smoke and rope. Case in point, Santa Cruz just released a biodegradable herb grinder made entirely from 100% natural hemp. Amazing, right? The mere novelty of the product would be enough to sell it, but they went beyond the gimmick and worked to produce an item of genuine quality. It’s travel-friendly, surprisingly durable, has a unique tooth design that stays sharp for a nice, fluffy grind, and is made exclusively in California. Even better, it’s possibly the most affordable quality grinder ever made, with starting wholesale price of only $3.95. HOLY HEMP!

Canna Aid

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