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Scent-Sational: Clearing the Air With Tobacco Outlet Products

Odor Neutralizing Candles Make Scents - & Eliminate Others

By Joshua Scott Hotckin

You can have the most clever and memorable business name in the world, but if your customers do not instantly realize that your products are made for them, it won’t do you very much good. This is probably why my first shop, Psychoactive Plumbers, failed to bring in steady business and attracted a lot of problematic contractors. But Paul Hoge was much wiser than I, and named his business Tobacco Outlet Products, which is going as strong as ever almost a quarter century since he began.

Tobacco Outlet Products specializes in scented products including candles, sprays and car hangers. The products are designed specifically to eliminate odors, especially those produced by smoke. And when they say eliminate, they don’t just mean that they will cover them up with other smells, because their products actually target odor emitting particles and neutralize them completely, leaving behind nothing but one of their refreshing and rejuvenating signature scents—all accomplished through the power of enzymes and light-based witchcraft. Okay, just the enzymes.

Their candles are available in dozens of single and blended scents that will play pinochle in your snout, creating olfactory delights that have your customers coming back to purchase them again and again. In fact, we are willing to bet that you will pull a few out of your stock and light ‘em up yourselves to vibe up the atmosphere of your shop, as have many of the smoke shops which they currently supply. Aside from their top sellers, available year-round, they also have seasonal scents which they develop throughout the months to keep their product line fresh.

Their other products also are available in a wide variety of scents. They manufacture and market sprays which are a favorite of long-distance truckers and other travelers who don’t want to bask in the aroma of smoke or other pungent odors in their vehicles or overnight accommodations. These are available in canisters which hold either seven or two-and-a-half ounces, or in their one-ounce pocket size, which makes them just the right amount of liquid for getting through the rigmarole. of TSA gatekeepers. They also have a spray designed specifically for fabrics, once again working that enzyme magic, er science, to keep your clothes, drapes, etc. smelling clean and delightful. Their car hangers are also available in a wide variety of scents, featuring eye-pleasing images to keep your whip looking and smelling tip top.

Most importantly, their wholesale lines come with product displays and bulk discounts to help you attract customers and promote sales—and they come with a no-nonsense money back guarantee for anyone who is less than 100% satisfied with their products, a promise that denotes the quality behind which they stand at all times.

Their North Carolina based manufacturing and distribution facilities are home to one of their most coveted assets: their employees. Tobacco Outlet Products is committed to using a local workforce, and treating them right, as a fundamental cornerstone of their business model and philosophy. So not only can you feel good about turning a profit on their fine products, but you can also warm your cockles to the knowledge that they are good people, based right here in the US of friggin’ A. Take that, Ralph Macchio!

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