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SeshGear GiGi

Q: Have you heard about variable voltage batteries?

A: Yes. It’s 2019 and my shop isn’t located under a rock.

Touché, dear retailer.

Touché. Well, you still probably haven’t heard about the SeshGear GiGi, so let’s remedy that.

The SeshGear GiGi is a variable voltage battery that packs a giant punch in a small package, with an even smaller price tag. How much punch exactly? Well, according to the manufacturers, more power per square inch than the Large Hadron Collider—and if you didn’t already know, that’s a 27km vacuum tube in Switzerland that slams protons into each other at near-light speed. Some people worry that it’s created a black hole and sucked us into a parallel universe, which sounds crazy until you remember our president is a reality TV star, but we’re getting way off topic. Back to the GiGi.

At just 2” tall, the SeshGear GiGi fits handily in your pocket, while still providing all the features you demand and then some; 500MAh battery, three settings, a pre-heat function, low-key LEDs, and spring-loaded 510 threading to avoid pesky cartridge lock. A ceramic cell coil is included, and every unit is backed by a six-month warranty. Available in 9 color varieties.


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