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Sexpot Blend

It’s that time of year when couples get down for some full-body beach bumming, poolside views, romantic nights, and all the makings of an unforgettable summer. Cannabis brand Perfect has developed the ideal product to enhance your plans for an ultra mind-body connection. “Sexpot” is the newest addition to their lineup of 100% flower-based blends and is their first to be formulated with cannabinoid and CBD buffers that help enhance the body’s natural sensations while softening the unwelcome THC side effects. Available in a mini preroll 3-pack and 3g jar of loose blended flower accompanied with a micropipe to mind your dosage, Sexpot takes those special moments to the next level by quieting your multitasking mind and tuning into your body. So set the mood, cue up your favorite playlist, and put out the not disturb sign. . . for however long your version of perfect happens to be.


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