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Canna Aid

Shatter Batter

It’s a beautiful day in Colorado, a blueberry sky perforated by sugar-capped mountain peaks that glow under the morning’s lemon-drop sun. Vape in tow, you’re taking a stroll through town, your breaths of the crisp mountain air interspersed with atomized plumes of a sticky sweetness that softens every step. You exhale another cloud as you round the next corner, almost colliding with an officer on foot patrol as you do. He sniffs the air.

“That’s a delicious smelling e-juice. What’s the flavor?”

You smile. It’s ok. You’re using Shatter Batter.

“Pink Lemonade,” you reply, and then invite him to come by the shop and try some.

He thanks you and you resume your stroll. You mutter a quiet “thank you” of your own. It’s not to your new patrol pal, but to Shatter Batter, the new, USP grade e-juice that effectively dissolves herbal concentrates into a concoction that you can take anywhere. You’d tried the idea with other liquids, but it clumped up like cottage cheese. This juice flows like silk.

You carry all six flavors, each designed to compliment the terpenes of your herb like cheese with wine. You even grabbed the neutral juice for those customers who crave purity. The directions suggested a ratio of one gram of concentrate for 3ml of juice, but you scaled it back for a subtle, daytime lift. You smile again, knowing that at a $25 retail price with a solid margin for your store, your new e-juice has lightened your step way more than your wallet. Thank you, Shatter Batter.

Canna Aid

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