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The Chill Room

Baby steps. Organic. These are just two words to describe the evolution of the Chill Room in W Palm Beach/ Worthington, Florida. Robert Cartagine opened


The Tao of Hyzer’s 

Nick Lawrence and the Magic of the “Ish”     “Here’s the deal. I didn’t open my shop to become a millionaire. Making as much money possible? Not my number one goal . .

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High on the Hill

How long have you been in business?  Since May 22, 2006  How did High on the Hill come to be in business?  The original owner was Geri Twitty.  Her dream became a reality when she

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Smoking J’s Hemp Shop

“We were recently informed by our local bylaw officer that we are an essential service therefore, allowed to stay open.”  Yes, this definitely tops the list of things you’d never expect to hear a

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Moderne Primitives

The Secret Sauce Moderne Primitives: 25 Years of Success  “I just want to encourage everybody everywhere to support small, local businesses . . . they’re the heartbeat of America. Retail is tough now, man.”  When Sandy Spades

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Meridian Underground Music

  Meridian, Mississippi MUM’s the word in Meridian, Mississippi. Located in the East Central part of the state, Meridian is a quiet town — except for when there’s a

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