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Sig Distro

SIG is more than just a distribution warehouse for smoke shop accessories; it is also a business with a heart, which emanates from the owner who remains behind the scenes, and let’s his team share the spotlight. Founded in 2015, they are the largest importer of smoke shop accessories in the US, especially in glass, which is housed in their enormous 50,000 sq ft facility outside Boston, Mass, and their impact is felt nationwide.

After a brief conversation with Julia Hamieh, their warehouse and marketing manager, she shared some of the unique things that SIG does, and it became apparent that they are not just in it for the money. They take a wholesome attitude with smaller companies looking to become their own distros, and help them in the process.

Hamieh said, “We go out of our way to help small businesses get bigger. We want to grow, but we want to see others grow as well. Of course it also helps us get more products out there and eventually, faster service to the end customer. We also help them develop their own brands through our manufacturing contacts.”

That attitude seems to originate in their own house since all three managers in the company are female, and Lebanese.

“It starts with our founder’s mission to empower us, and he does it through actions as well as words,” she said. “My fellow manager, Youmna Moussali, is the heart of the company, and our nurturing attitudes trickles down to our customers.”

The smoke shop industry, which is generally old school, could use a bit of nurturing. But business is business, and along with the distro they also have their own line of disposable nicotine pods, called Crave, which is dominant in the east, and comes in an astounding 68 flavors!

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