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Skateboarding is making a comeback! That was a headline from a news story about the sport making its Olympics debut. The thing is, skateboarding never left — like cannabis, skateboarding is just coming up from the underground and doing a kick flip into the mainstream. There has always been a connection between these two alternative cultures. Of course, there are skateboarders who don’t partake, and there are smokers who don’t skateboard, but one can certainly respect the other and without a doubt will vibe on a candle that looks exactly like a classic skateboard wheel. The brainchild of founder Bryan Jordan and his team of designers, illustrators, pro skaters, SK8 Candles are made to the exact specifications of the real thing, only 100% toxic-free and soy-based wax, not urethane so you can light your way, wax your edges, and clear the air with a sandalwood essential oil. The sweet packaging and graphics pay tribute to legendary skaters, including Christian Hosoi, Greg Lutzka, Elliot Sloan, and iconic brands like Sims and Dagger Skates. Released in limited editions, SK8 Candles are sure to shred in the smoke shop world.

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