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Canna Aid

Smart Cookie

What better way to curb the munchies than a box of Thin Mints! She may not have been old enough to feel the high, but a Californian Girl Scout saw a golden opportunity in the state’s new laws legalizing marijuana.

The Girl Scout in San Diego set up outside of a pot shop — and managed to sell more than 300 boxes in six hours. According to the New York Times, that’s likely more than $1,500 raised.

The store put out an Instagram photo with the girl, essentially advertising her goodies — and encouraging people to come along with friends to buy some cannabis. The post drew more than 1,400 likes.

The marijuana dispensary “is not on the approved booth site list,” according to a Girl Scouts San Diego spokeswoman. Technically, though, the smart seller was walking along the sidewalk pulling her wagon filled with cookie boxes rather than sitting at a booth.

Some have called the actions irresponsible, even going so far as claiming “child endangerment.” But according to the Times, the Girl Scouts don’t have a national policy for this kind of situation. Scouts are generally given free rein to sell cookies where they want. A spokesperson for the Girl Scouts of the USA, told the Times that selling in front of a legal pot shop is “not any different than selling in front of any other kind of shop. It just happens to be a marijuana dispensary.”

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