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Canna Aid

Smoke Eraser V3

Entrepeneur Craig Nowak admits to having dreamt up some “dumb useful things,” but he isn’t blowing smoke when it comes to his latest invention. The Smoke Eraser is personal air filter that eliminates 99.9% of smoke and odor via an H13 medical-grade HEPA filter and activated carbon, and despite its diminutive size, delivers an impressive 1400+ exhales per unit (with a suggested retail price of $20, that comes out to about a penny a puff). The death of many sploofs, explains Nowak, is when they become clogged due to breath moisture. Smoke Eraser solves that issue with a patent pending pre-filter system consisting of a hydrophobic breath barrier and collection sponge held just off the HEPA that blocks about 90% of moisture without restricting airflow. To use your Smoke Eraser, simply exhale in through the soft silicone mouthpiece, and out comes clear odorless air (smoke erased) from the other end. Just 3” tall and 2” in diameter, Smoke Eraser is easily concealed in the palm of your hand, but with dozens of colorful skins from which to choose customers will surely want to collect and show off this magical little device to their friends.

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