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Smoke Safe with The New “MouthPeace Mini” from Moose Labs 



For as long as cultures have consumed cannabis, the practice of sharing a joint among friends has been a common social activity. It’s a behavior cannabis and hemp smokers have been forced to curb due to concerns about the spread of the coronavirus and influenza—until now. Moose Labs has launched the MouthPeace Mini: The first physician-backed germ-preventing accessory and filter designed to fit joints, vape pens and e-cigarettes for a safer smoking experience. 


MouthPeace Mini is a smaller, slimmer version of the original MouthPeace, a patented personal-use silicone mouthpiece designed in 2014 to create a physical barrier between a cannabis users’ mouth and their pipe. Created to avoid cross-contamination of shared pipes without killing the “puff puff pass” ethos so integral to weed culture, the MouthPeace is scientifically proven to decrease bacteria on smoking appliances by over 5924 percent—critically important since a 2019 study revealed the average cannabis vaporizer or pipe contains more bacteria than a public toilet seat. 


According to MouthPeace co-founder Jay Rush, “Since the onset of COVID-19, we’ve seen a huge spike in demand for the MouthPeace and Filter, with a 9000 percent increase in orders over last year. Just as people wear masks to protect themselves and their friends, they’re seeking ways to enjoy joints and vapes safely.” He added, “We created the MouthPeace Mini and Filter to provide medical and recreational users of cannabis and hemp with a personal, comfortable, and discreet way to share smaller smoking devices without sharing germs or inhaling unnecessary contaminants.” 


Constructed with the same high-quality platinum-cured silicone as the original MouthPeace, the MouthPeace Mini is sold in packages of two with six disposable filter inserts for $9.99, with 10-Filter Refill packs available for $6.99. The Filters, designed to fit snugly inside the MouthPeace, use activated carbon and triple layer filtration to remove resins, contaminants and tar from each inhale while allowing smaller molecules like THC and CBD to pass through. The result is a cleaner, safer smoking experience that protects both your lungs and your peace of mind. 


Said Rush, “These days, people smoke weed in so many different ways – and we want to extend a safer option to all of them. Whether you’re searching for a joint filter, vape filter, or bong filter, Moose Labs has a harm-reduction product for you.” 


The MouthPeace Mini comes in thirteen vibrant colorways, ranging from “Unicorn” to “Black Diamond” to “Purple Haze,” with options for every device and personal style. The MouthPeace Mini and MouthPeace original are available online at or found in-store at select retailers and dispensaries.  


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