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One-stop-shop is a phrase that’s thrown around a lot in the smoke shop industry. But it’s a perfect description of Smoke Tokes, an international distributor and wholesaler of smoking products, general merchandise, and related accessories.

Founded in 2009 by Raheel Lakhany and Shahib Jumani, Smoke Tokes is known for their extensive collection of all major brands in the smoking and vaping world. Their Los Angeles warehouses are stocked with over 7,000 different products that are shipped to smoke shops worldwide everyday.

Raheel Lakhany

“Most of the products we carry are ones that people have asked for — if there is a need we bring it in,” Raheel says. “We have clients all over the nation, and smoke shops in different areas each have something unique that is popular with their customers. We try to bring those things in to cater to those customers.”

But that doesn’t mean Smoke Tokes will carry anything and everything. As for as product standards are concerned, they are very careful that the products meet federal regulations and the best of industry standards. PAX, Chrontainer, Orange Chronic, Colibri, ALS and Randy’s are just a few of the major brands carried by Smoke Tokes.

Of course, Smoke Tokes doesn’t go into the product testing lab with each and every product in their catalog – RAW, for example, is continually coming out with a new innovation in their rolling papers, and that company is already recognized as one that produces quality products.

With new vendors, though, the Smoke Tokes crew not only try out the products, but also look into the feedback that’s been given on social media and by retailers.

“Smoke Tokes has an established name and people trust us,” Raheel says. “A lot of stores will get approached by new companies with a cool product, and they’ll tell them to go to Smoke Tokes, and if they start carrying the product, they’ll buy it from them.”

Smoke Tokes is such a powerhouse in the smoke shop industry, that they have the ability to turn an unknown product into a best seller. Lush Vapor was a perfect example. It was one of the first premium e-juice lines, and after tasting and smoking it, the guys at Smoke Tokes found the flavors to be among the best they’d every tried. Smoke Tokes obtained exclusive distribution rights to Lush Vapor and was soon selling upwards of half a million bottles a month.

With a trusted name – it was only natural that they institute their own in-house brands too; namely Got Nail? (quality nails made from G2 titanium, ceramic, and quartz), The Higher Society (high-end rolling trays), DNA Glass (eco-friendly reusable glass toker tips) and Bolt Grinders (four-part sifting grinders with a signature lightning bolt clear top).

You’ll notice that there aren’t any high-tech gadgets among Smoke Tokes’s own brands — they’re intended to cater to the everyday needs of the average smoker.

“Smoke Tokes is based on simple products that sell every day,” Raheel says. “We may have 7,000 items, but it’s not only seven thousand high end items; most are general things that every smoke shop needs at a good price,” Raheel says. DNA Glass toker tips, for instance, are available in a 75 count jar for only $50. Such a low wholesale price makes these a very profitable item to have front and center at point-of-purchase.

Smoke Tokes has a 200 page sales catalog that they send out to retailers. New products are continually being added to the inventory, so clients are kept informed with a newsletter and email blasts.

The Smoke Tokes website is a big part of their all-in-one-place approach. The virtual showroom gives buyers the opportunity to order multiple products at any hour day and night. Orders placed with live salesman over the phone or using an online shopping cart receive the same attention and are shipped out within 48 hours. Each package is double-checked to ensure accuracy.

Like many successful companies, Smoke Tokes started small, and as they have grown, has remained consistent with their goal of providing the best prices while aiming for great customer service and satisfaction

“There are some people who don’t stop, and for them it’s just about making more and more money. For me, it’s not about that – it’s about making Smoke Tokes the best company it can be. A lot of other companies are selling similar products, but it’s not simply about having products – we also want to earn our customer’s respect,” Raheel says. “When I meet clients in person, like at the CHAMPS shows, I want to see them smiling and happy when I shake their hand.”

Smoke Tokes


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