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Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops

Admit it. You can’t get enough CBD. You just have to figure out who’s producing legitimate, food-grade quality sourced from premium hemp buds and who’s butane blasting rope in their garage. The second option might be a bit exaggerated, but you get the idea. You need brands you can trust. And how do you find them? Research. Research. Research. Get the lab reports, tour the facilities, get the CEO’s blood sample and submit it to—you know . . . the usual. Or, you can delegate the task to a distributor you already know and trust.

Now, picture your Greenlane rep giving the “Buddy Christ” grin and thumbs up combo. Why? Because they just added Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops to their catalog. With Social CBD, Greenlane brings you a highly refined hemp extract in a variety of natural flavors, all delivered in ultra-beneficial MCT oil. Available in 375mg, 750mg and 1500mg concentrations, each 30ml bottle is tastefully branded, discretely packaged, and conveniently equipped with an easy drop-applicator for precision dosing. Choose from Pomegranate Tea, Meyer Lemon, Cinnamon Leaf, Vanilla Mint, Natural (earthy hemp notes) or flavorless for a blank slate.

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