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Canna Aid

Southland Hemp

From the deepest of the Deep South comes Southland Hemp, a new foray into the market of hemp-derived cannabinoid supplements from the great state of Alabama.

Eschewing everything but what works and work best, the folks at Southland deal only in premium, whole-flower hemp, cultivated free of any herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers, and always keeps their extractions full spectrum without detectable levels of THC.

Prefer to vape? Try their pre-filled cartridges, rich with 300mg of active cannabinoids and terpenes for a potent blend. Or maybe you’re more of the tincture persuasion. Well, they make that too, utilizing the same oil they offer in their vaporizers, but blended with super-nutritious MCT oil for greater absorption. If snacking is your method, there are always the taste bud-tantalizing 20mg gummies, and for a quick toss and wash, you can’t go wrong with the gelcaps. With their cutting edge, cannabinoid emulsion droplets that maximize surface area for in-vivo absorption, they might be the best thing that’s happened in Alabama since Roy Moore lost.


Canna Aid

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