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Canna Aid

Stoner Trivia

Coming in as our number one pick for this year’s Holiday Gift Guide is the infinitely entertaining Stoner Triva from Mindshock Games. Fancy yourself a canna-cultural expert? Prove it. Play a round of Stoner Trivia and challenge yourself with questions from a variety of cheebah-centric categories, including, Music, Movies, History, Slang, Law, Politics and more. The rules are simple; each multiple-choice question is worth 30, 40 or 50 points depending on level of difficulty and whoever is the first to reach a score of 420 (duh) reigns supreme. The initial pack comes with 100 questions, but don’t worry if you burn through them too quickly. There’s already an expansion pack available with an additional 420 cards, so the fun’s practically never-ending. Stoner Trivia is hands down, the best way to liven up any joint where a joint’s being passed.

Mindshock Games

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