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Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid

Storz & Bickel. Ring a bell? It should. Or maybe you never bothered to pay attention to who the visionaries were who behind the original Volcano. Yes, the Volcano; the vaporizer that revolutionized the industry and changed our entire concept of herbal inhalation. Got your attention now? We thought so.

The latest iteration of their classic desktop unit is here. It’s called the Volcano Hybrid and guess which of the stops they’ve pulled out! If you guessed “all of them,” congratulations. You’re correct, but you win nothing. This isn’t a game show.

The Hybrid is equipped for both bag and whip, and now features an improved double helix heat exchanger, as well as a heat-up time that’s said to be 10x faster than the previous model. Enjoy the classic bag of milky clouds with the valve balloon system by switching on the built-in air pump or go the whip route with their rotatable tube that provides minimal airflow resistance and quieter draws. The precision temperature control has a massive range of 104°F to 446°F, and the LED screen displays the ascension to your selected temperature in real time. And since it’s now 2020, the unit is equipped with app compatibility so you can manage it all from your phone. 877.292.7660

Canna Aid

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