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Canna Aid

Süka Pipe

The Süka may look like a prop straight out of a 1950s sci-fi flick, but this innovate pipe from the inventors of the original Twisty Glass blunt is anything but an unidentified object. The saucer shaped Süka Pipe holds up to 4 grams of flower inside for all day quick loading, or just load bowls directly into the quartz glass bowl at your leisure. There’s no quantum physics involved in the operation — you quickly load bowls by turning the center trackball inward, flip the pipe so the herb falls to that side, and then one final flip to let gravity drop your herb into the bowl. Light up and draw from the mouthpiece on the side for smooth hits. 

“You literally only need the Süka pipe and a lighter to enjoy a full day with friends,” says 7pipe owner lead product designer Jeffrey Han. “It’s also a great way to stay medicated throughout the day if you are going it solo, since the bowl is small enough to take a few good hits while keeping the rest of your meds fresh inside the pipe.”

Disassembly is simple and cleaning the Süka is as easy as a quick wipe down or alcohol soak. The Süka comes in a reusable, water-resistant, airtight, smell-proof, hardshell polypropylene carry case. 7pipe’s emphasis on safety means the Süka has premium quality anodized aluminum, platinum cured silicone, and heatproof quartz glass — one thing for sure, the Süka is going to instigate a lot of “what in the world is that?” questions.
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