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Sunshine Joy Space Your Face Tapestry

Sunshine Joy officially opened its doors in 2002, but it started years before in the mind of its founder, Gregory Burbank, while he was selling tie-dyes in the parking lot of a Grateful Dead show. Since then, the idea of sharing quality, authentic and entertaining merchandise with a genuine focus on quality, has expanded into creating and designing intense products and offering tapestries, bandanas, and scarves that bring a smile to everyone from old school hippies to modern cannabis consumers and dorm decorating college students. Sunshine Joy specializes in tapestries, bandanas, clothing, good vibe gifts, and officially licensed designs inspired by Pink Floyd, The Freak Brothers, Janis Joplin, Woodstock, and Cheech & Chong. Of course, Sunshine Joy is where you’ll find the most Grateful Dead merch on the market, and their newest “Space Your Face” tapestry features original art from eighties Dead tour t-shirts with stars based on a photograph of a moonlit Maine night.

Canna Aid

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