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Swordfish Dab Pen

Since 2009, Lookah has produced high-quality glass water pipes, bongs, and dab rigs. It has recently moved into electronic nectar collectors and vaporizers for oil, wax, and dry herb. The Swordfish is Lookah’s answer to affordable dabbing on the go. The 710-thread device supports three specially designed Lookah atomizing coils, one for heady clouds, one for superior taste, and one to conserve the wax concentrate used with it. A patented magnetic clamshell clasp makes it easy to flip open the mouthpiece and access the atomizer coil. A dab tool built into the base means users won’t need to carry extra tools or equipment to enjoy a sesh anywhere, anytime. The built-in mini dab tool slides seamlessly into the base, and a 950mAh battery brings a full day of vaping between charges. The sleek Swordfish-inspired design sits ergonomically in the hand while the one-button control ensures ease of use even for inexperienced vaper users.

“Lookah is designing vapes targeting consumers across the spectrum of the vape market,” advised Lookah Marketing Manager James Mash. “We understand those staring out with concentrates may find more complex vape devices intimidating. By offering a range of devices, we can cater to each user’s specific needs.”




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