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Canna Aid


HUF is debuting a spin off label — THC: THE HUF COMPANY — an imaginary streetwear brand rooted in the days of sun-washed 90’s California that exclusively creates cannabis inspired apparel and accessories. THC: THE HUF COMPANY brings you back to a special and legendary time in HUF’s history when California, skate, surf, and weed all collided to birth a whole new era that defined everything about the West Coast in the 90’s. The first THC: THE HUF COMPANY release is dubbed the “Four for Twenty” capsule and features quintessential California nostalgic prints and graphics throwing back to what you would have found in Venice Beach souvenir shops, swap meets, and record stores twenty years ago when HUF was founded by skateboarder, entrepreneur, and fashion designer Keith Hufnagel. Key pieces in the limited-edition collection include the Smoked Apple knit sweater, Skunky work shirt, Grasshopper fleece hoodie and shorts, and Scatterbrain bell hat. 


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