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The Blazy Susan

Will just couldn’t handle it anymore. The clutter on his buddies’ coffee table had become too much to handle. Two rigs, three dab wands, a silicone jar, a glass jar, a torch, two extra butane cans, a dry herb vape, a half-smoked cone, and two cartridges; there was barely a spot left for his beer. Maybe he was OCD. Maybe he was just a neat-freak. Or maybe one of those things is just a nicer way to describe the other. We can’t say. No one here is a doctor.

We are pretty well-versed in 420-themed inventions, though, and we can definitely say (unofficially) that the result of Will’s dilemma was the ‘high idea’ of year. It’s called the Blazy Susan, and as the name cleverly suggests, it’s a new ‘spin’ on the classic invention that’s been adorning the kitchen tables of suburban households for decades. Carved from the finest wood selections, there’s a space for just about any toker tool you could imagine, with a silicone dab mat right in the center. Choose from the original birch, splurge and upgrade to a heartier wood like sapele or walnut, or go all out with a custom paint job. Check them out for yourself and find out why Jimmy Kimmel personally requested one on live TV.
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Canna Aid

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