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Canna Aid

The Bottle Bong

A message from the 420 crowd to straight-laced America:

Just because we’re easily bored by your small talk about the weather, cat memes and the new vinyl siding on your McMansion doesn’t mean we’re not on your intellectual level. No, it’s not us. It’s you. You’re not interesting. We prefer a little more out of our lives, like innovation and higher thought. And when those two can come together, even better, which is why we love the Bottle Bong, the brilliant, new invention that lays to rest the stereotype that we tokers are lazy or unimaginative.

Quite the opposite, in fact. We’re herbal MacGyvers.

Need water filtration, STAT? Try the Bottle Bong. Simply screw this bad boy onto any standard sized water bottle and voila! You now have a b-b-err . . . waterpipe (are we allowed to say ‘bong’ now??). Available in four colors, the Bottle Bong consists of a plastic mouthpiece/connector that’s threaded to fit any standard plastic bottle and a glass slide/downstem combo that drops handily into the bottle for a perfect seal. It’s imaginative. It’s inspired. It might just help us solve our discarded water bottle problem. Take that, squares; you’re welcome, world.

Canna Aid

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