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Canna Aid

The Colfax Dugout

To whom should the true chronnoisseur turn for premium accessories that drip with sophistication?
“Look over here!” the folks at Elevate respond in unison. You should consider their advice. The Colorado-based company is striving to redefine cannabis culture with their innovative, ever-evolving line of classic accessories, thoughtfully designed with a modern twist. Duguouts, one-hitters and smoke tips have seldom looked better, if ever.

The current cream of their growing crop is the Colfax, a luxury version of the traditional dugout, perfect for the refined smoker who has places to be. Take it to the skatepark, bring it to yoga for a post-class comedown sesh, or pass it around at a party and impress your peeps. Though pocket-sized, this beauty can still hold up to two grams of ground flower and comes with a quality glass bat that packs a hell of a punch. The magnet-powered, smart-locking top seals tightly to all-but-eliminate unwanted odors and the wood tip perfectly matches the box, no matter which of the three color options you choose. Whether you’re a daily partaker or an occasional toker doesn’t matter. Whatever your frequency, the Colfax from Elevate will add some finesse to your sesh.

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