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Canna Aid

The Dabtainer


The dudes at White Rhino seriously deserve an award. It’s as if every time we blink, they’ve come up with yet another simple but infinitely marketable smoking accessory sure to turn the heads of even the most jaded of 420 enthusiasts. 

The accessory itself is only half the brilliance. They’ve practically perfected the POS game, with nearly every item they sell showing up in a retail-ready display that maximizes both shelf space and product visibility simultaneously.  But let’s not get carried away, lest we run out of space and forget to even talk about their latest offering. 

The Dabtainer is a silicon/quartz hybrid unit that effectively plays the part of storage container and dab straw simultaneously. Much like the Flip they released last year, the tip can be pulled from the from the silicone straw portion and flipped around for dabbing and then flipped back around for storage. Meanwhile, the silicon cap doubles as a handy compartment for your choice concentrates and affixes flawlessly atop the straw when the tip is in storage position. 

The Dabtainer is perfect for banging out those concentrates on the go, is available in seven colors, and as always, comes in that super-efficient, retail-ready display that’s made White Rhino so damn famous.

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