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Canna Aid

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH

Paging Dr. Dabber . . .

The good Doctor is back—and wait until you see what he’s got in his tool bag.

The new SWITCH from Dr. Dabber is the first unit on the market that uses induction heat technology, enabling consistent, even heating, along with a zero-to vape index of five seconds or less. Even better, it comes with a borosilicate bubbler attachment to make every draw smoother than the day is long. What is induction, you ask? Well, you should have paid more attention in science class. But just trust the good Dr. when he says it’s cutting edge. He got his degree.

As its name suggests, the SWITCH can be used for either flower or concentrate at the touch of a button. Each of the two functions has an incredibly wide range of adjustability, rocking 25 precision-dialed temperature levels a piece. The self-cleaning option means basic maintenance is a cinch while pass-through charging means your session doesn’t have to end when the battery gives up the ghost. Though the size and complexity limit portability, a fully-charged battery will yield up to 150 tokes, so plan ahead and you’ll never be tethered to a wall.

Dr. Dabber; get your PhD in Awesome.

Canna Aid

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