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The Durity Secret

Kratom, Kava & Vapes: Durity Dishes the Dirt

Seth Schaap works in pictures.

The multi-hyphenate design and sales specialist at Durity Distribution spends his days focused on the eye of the beholder. The company’s portfolio boasts an array specialized in-house brands like Alternative Tonics, as well as close partnerships with staple industry brands, such as Mit Therapy  which has captured the market with their innovative kratom extracts.

Editor’s Note:

In the original version of this article, we inaccurately reported that Durity Distro owns MIT 45 and that there were four manufacturing centers in Boise linked to our featured industry leader. To clarify, Durity does not own MIT 45 but has a close relationship with the brand. Additionally, there is only one manufacturing center in Boise; the mentioned four locations are smoke shops, separate entities under one owner. We apologize for these errors and are committed to providing accurate and reliable information to our readers. The member of our editorial staff who was responsible has been sufficiently flogged, but not sacked. He’s too good for that. 

Moreover, nothing in this article is intended to imply that Seth Schaap should be credited with MIT 45’s branding, nor with any of the other brands that his company distributes. As Durity’s owner Drake Fischer put it, Seth is a “monster designer,” and has been a “major influence” on the continued development of the company’s branding, but the original designs, both of their distributed brands and several of their house brands were developed before his tenure with the company began. 

We apologize for any misunderstandings and want to assure our readers that we always strive to ensure the content we produce is accurate. 

Schaap’s role in the process is to make the products pique the right interests. As the creative architect behind the company’s branding and promotional strategies, he designs and markets not just the packaging, but the complete aesthetic sense of the company’s wares.

“Technically, I’m the head of graphic design and advertising & marketing. I make all of our ads, our product packaging, marketing or sales,”

Although he’s only been with the Boise, Idaho-based company for just under two years, Schaap has been a fan of the industry for ages.

“It was a little bit eye-opening to see it from the inside,” he said. “It was an industry I always liked to partake in. I’ve always been into the smoke realm, so it wasn’t too far of a jump to do this. It’s definitely been cool to see all the ins and outs and how it all works. It’s been really fun. I’ve taken the challenge head-on and I just try to learn as much as I can, which I feel has been beneficial for both parties.”

Down and Durity

Every week presents a new challenge, Schaap said. His day-to-day work involves translating the company’s narrative into compelling marketing campaigns and product designs, making sure that each package, advertisement, and marketing campaign accurately represents itself to consumers through the subtle language of images.

“For Mit Therapy, I used bright colors and try to incorporate botanicals or plants,” he said. “I’m always trying to find new, fun ways to incorporate new plants from around the region where we’re getting a particular strain or something like that. I like going the extra mile and doing some research to make sure the art lines up with the product, so to speak.”

Mit Therapy, one of the bestselling kratom brands in the space, is a cornerstone of Durity’s catalog. They range from liquid shots to pills to edibles, all containing high-quality kratom and all manufactured on site in Idaho. Mit Therapy sets itself apart from competitors by the caliber of its kratom mix and the sheer variety of products it boasts. Through a special process called “extract enhancement,” the brand provides a kratom product that’s a middle ground between traditional kratom offerings and the extra-powerful kratom extracts that advanced users gravitate toward.

And behind every new shot, capsules, and gummy, there’s work that Schaap does to best situate it for success.

Schaap’s ability to harness creativity and translate it into tangible results is clear in the company’s distinctive branding strategies. There’s no confusing the vibrant hues and botanical imagery of Mit Therapy with the sleek, no-nonsense designs of Mit 45, another Durity-distributed brand. These choices reflect Schaap’s understanding of market dynamics and consumer preferences. His deep attention to branding and design isn’t just about looks. He’s trying to create an identity that resonates with consumers and distinguishes his company’s products.

“You only have a quick glance to make an impression. I want to have it just stand out enough for a customer to notice it,” he said. “A lot of thought goes into the look, but it’s not necessarily things the common eye would take in or even notice. It’s more of a subtle thing.”

You only have a quick glance to make an impression . . . A lot of thought goes into the look, but it’s not necessarily things the common eye would take in or even notice. It’s more of a subtle thing.

Durity Distribution Kratom Kava Polaroids

The Gem State and Beyond

Having served as a graphic designer for companies located in Colorado and Arizona, it feels somewhat ironic that Schaap’s first job in the counter-culture sector started in the red-blooded heart of Idaho. But the Gem State has quietly built a powerful industry out of kratom.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting this, but Idaho is actually one of the largest kratom manufacturing states there is,” Schaap said. “People around here say it’s the kratom capital of the U.S.”

That doesn’t mean Durity grows their own kratom trees, however. As a native species of Southeast Asia, the plant only reaches its full potential in the subtropical soil of places like Indonesia. The colder climes of Idaho don’t make for an ideal environment. Instead, Durity imports the raw material from the other side of the world, then tests and manufactures it into products, and sells them across the country.

“Our main distribution center is here in Boise. That’s where we all ship from. But we also have our four retail locations. They’re all in Idaho, but they’re not all in Boise,” Schaap said.

State regulations prevent Durity from peddling some of its biggest sellers in six states—Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin—but the sheer amount of diversification the company enjoys means it can still maintain a presence in those areas.

“With all that we have at the distribution center, we’re able to supply like a smoke shop’s full line up. We have glass, we have disposable vapes, we have male enhancement, and kava, and everything in between,” he said. “So even if we’re not allowed to sell Kratom to some states, we still have products that we can offer. Right now, we’re pretty much all 50 states doing business.”

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