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The Genius Taster V.2

No doubt, you already know about the Genius Pipe, the super slim, magnetic marvel of smoking technology that somehow uses a series of dimples to deliver exquisite terpene tastiness with zero coughs, all without water. Of course, you do. It’s your job to know.

But what you may not know is just because your super-smoothing-hitting pipe is dry doesn’t mean your choice in product has to be. Well, you do now, because we’re telling you. And of course, we are. It’s our job to tell you.

Yes, the geniuses behind the Genius Pipe now offer a way to turn their state-of-the art cough-free smoking system into a dab rig. It’s called the Genius Taster, and as if that isn’t good enough news, as of this past December, they’ve already released the Genius Taster V.2, with added rings to give you better heating action while still delivering that cool hit.
Every Taster is machined from solid Titanium II material, hand-polished, cleaned with medical ultrasound equipment and individually engraved and numbered so your customers know they’re getting the real deal.

The Genius Taster V.2; it’s the Genius way to dab.
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