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Canna Aid

The Grip

The next time someone tells you to get a grip, tell them you’re way ahead of them. The Randy’s Grip Concentrate Vaporizer is a super portable, palm-size device that’s as user-friendly as it gets and is designed to deliver a seriously satisfying experience for even most picky of vape connoisseurs. Attributes that make the Grip great are the ceramic heating atomizer, variable voltage with preheat function, aqua bubbler attachment, 1-click sesh mode and glass carb cap with built in wax tool. 

If you want to get a truly personalized experience from the Grip, fear not — there are 3 voltage settings, and you can elevate your concentrate experience even more with on-the-go water filtration. The Grip’s high-quality glass bubbler provides the smoothest concentrate smoke imaginable! 

Canna Aid

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