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Canna Aid

The Hydra by Cali Crusher

It’s the Robocop of smoking devices. Or is it a Transformer? Well, it’s a tough shell protecting a fragile interior, hence Robocop, but there’s also more to this than meets the eye, so, y’know . . .

Here’s the deal. The new Hydra from Cali Crusher is a glass bubbler reinforced with an aircraft aluminum exoskeleton and polycarbonate viewing window that make it virtually unbreakable. Designed lovingly by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts, the Hydra is the perfect tagalong for your forays into the wild, whether you’re hiking a trail, scaling a cliff, or relaxing by the campfire.

No room in your pack for a bubbler? No problem. Just turn it into a spoon or even a one-hitter and save some space. No, we’re not encouraging witchcraft (though, we don’t judge). The Hydra is modular, as they call it, designed to be a three-in-one combo unit, easily breaking down from a fully functioning bubbler to something less conspicuous with just a few twists and clicks, thanks to it’s patented, quick-lock technology.

But will the customers cough up the $120 MSRP? Well, it’ll last forever. How hard of a selling point is that? Don’t worry; they’ll still come back after they lose it in the woods.

Available in five colors.

Phone: 5129096209
IG: Calicrushergrinders
FB: Cali Crusher

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