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The Infinity Waterfall

It’s time to retire that homemade gravity bong.

It was great in college. It paired beautifully with the half-eaten bowls of ramen, empty PBR cans and that hastily tacked-up Fight Club poster on your bathroom door. But you’re not in college anymore. Your posters are in frames now. You’ve graduated to craft beer. You’ve even traded in your futon for a real bed—and it’s not sitting directly on the floor. The bucket and bottomless soda bottle ensemble just doesn’t tie the room together like it used to.

Fret not. It’s possible to score those couch-locking rips without the frat-house engineering.

The Infinity Waterfall is a Dali-esque work of art that combines the concept of the gravity bong with the function of an hour glass. Just fill the bottom chamber, pack the bowl, “flip it and rip it.” It’s that easy. No more buckets or wrench sockets; just an awe-inspiring, double-sided glass sculpture that functions just as well as a centerpiece as it does a smoking device. There are two sizes available, and every unit comes with an hourglass body, two glass bases, a short stem bowl and a long stem bowl. Get couch-locked with class. Get the Infinity Waterfall.
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(516) 430-7556

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